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Lead Designer
Product Designer
2016 - 2017


Skava, a leader in providing Omnichannel solutions for brands and retailers, expressed the need to redesign their original eCommerce white label. It was important that a thorough competitive analysis was performed, along with gathering customer feedback when redesigning the eCommerce platform.

Working as the Lead Designer, I oversaw the platform redesign which not only included the customer facing experience (B2C) but the admin login and the micro-services marketplace (B2B). Version 2 of our B2C platform integrated features like quick checkout from the product list pages (PLP), a responsive store locator, and customizable modular micro-services components.

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Version 1 of the white label was the first Ecommerce platform to allow users to add to bag (cart) from the product list page. This feature was very well received from end users. It was important to keep the leading edge by improving this feature even further with the ability to select from additional options before adding the item to cart.

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