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Neiman Marcus' Wedding Registry Experience

My Role
Product Designer
Lead Designer


Neiman Marcus wanted to integrate an entirely new wedding registry microservice into their existing eCommerce ecosystem. As the project Lead Designer, I developed a customer journey roadmap and oversaw the product's design. This was my first end-to-end project. The product is still live today.

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In-Store Customer Journey

The Neiman Marcus team takes customer experience seriously. Before we even started designing an interface, they wanted to really understand the customer journey. To help illustrate this, I put together the following:

  1. Customer inquires about setting up a registry.
  2. Customer answers some basic questions to help with setting up their registry.
  3. Customer scans and adds items to their wish list.
  4. Customer finalizes their product price points and preferences.
  5. Customer shares the registry is able to manage it remotely.
Storyboarding the end-to-end customer journey

Designing for Customization

It was important to give customers the ability to customize their registry page to their own liking. Because this product was an omni-channel solution, customers could add pictures online or within Neiman stores.

Further Explorations

Although the mobile app was never created, a lot of research and testing was performed during our discovery sessions with the Neiman Marcus team. Being able to notify customers of new gifts was well received among participants.

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